The Palouse

The name Marines Of The Palouse comes from our obvious background as Marines and because the Palouse Region is where we call home. The Palouse is known for it's rolling hills, dry land farming, and of course, the University of Idaho in Moscow and Washington State University located just 8 miles away in Pullman, Washington.  With 4 seasons to enjoy, there are a number of outdoor activities such as mountain biking on Moscow Mountain; bird hunting for pheasant, quail and grouse; snow shoeing and skiing; and a number of fishing opportunities from steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River or just floating a bobber on one of many resevoirs nearby. We take pride in where we are from and where we call home. There are a number of retired Marines on the Palouse because it's a great place to live with many wonderful people who live here. We identify ourselves as being from the Palouse Region as much as we do as being Marines.